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Lot Shortages Climb

6/6/2016 11:30:43 AM |

According to the National Home Builders Association:

Lot Shortages Climb to All-Time High 

Lots are becoming increasingly scarce, for nearly 20 years, the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index has periodically tracked builder sentiment regarding lot availability. In all that time, the percentage of builders reporting shortages has never been as high as it is now: 64% reported a “low” or “very low” lot supply — a 2% increase from the previous record set in May 2015.


 Even back in 2005 — when the rate of housing starts was roughly twice that of today’s rate — the share of builders reporting shortages was down around 53%.

 Builders and homeowners are feeling the pinch in Little Rock as well as they look for suitable lots.  Come out to Waterview to see all that we have to offer, with lots starting in the low $60K's we have a wide variety of lots to fit any style of home one would want to build.  And with arguably the best views in the Little Rock area you will have a hard time finding a better value.

 Escape to Waterview, where nature and neighbors come together!

Lot Shortages

6/8/2015 10:56:56 AM |
Recently, the market of lots in Little Rock, especially in prime West Little Rock, has grown scarce. Being so, these lots can be expected to go more quickly in the coming future and drive prices up as the numbers grow even smaller. Yet, in the last 12 months, Waterview has released several new development phases, bringing to it one of the broader assortments of lost on the market.
Being an issue of national scale, the article linked below by the National Association of Home Builders addresses the effects of the lot shortage.

Southern Living Preview Party

4/20/2015 2:55:00 PM |


Join us for the Southern Living Custom Builder Program Showcase Home PREVIEW PARTY

Be the first to see the Southern Living Custom Builder Program Showcase Home (SLCBPSH) by attending the Cocktail Preview Party.  This cocktail party will allow you to be one of the first to see the charm and ingenuity of the south, by experiencing the nearly 4,000-square-foot home sitting in the rolling hills of Roland, AR.  Enjoy a glass of wine and hors d' oeuvres as   you take in view that is sure to captivate.  

· Thursday, April 23, 2015 / 6:00pm until 9:00pm / Cocktail Attire

· The home is located at 21204 Valley View Cove Roland, AR 72135

· Tickets are $30 per person purchased at


1/28/2015 10:24:42 PM | General

Ever find yourself in a situation where you have NOT. A . SINGLE . WORD to say? This doesn’t often happen to me, at least no one would believe it of me (LOL), but the photo above is the view from my future home and THIS PLACE…it renders me speechless. I chose Waterview because I had no words to concisely describe how it made me feel…and in a world profoundly filled with words, this is clearly not a common occurrence.


I’m sure you can relate when you watch someone (someone else, of course) awkwardly groping for the “perfect word” or arguing a descriptive point simply for the sake of arguing - but SPEECHLESS, now this is different. Speechless is reserved for moments that instantly take you somewhere else, moments where your senses and your emotions are simultaneously and indescribably overwhelmed…moments that literally suspend time. 

speech·less  (spech′lis)


1. Lacking the faculty of speech.

2. Temporarily unable to speak, as through astonishment.

3. Refraining from speech; silent.

4. Unexpressed or inexpressible in words: speechless admiration.

My very first moment in Waterview was a mix of star struck awe at its magnificent entrance coupled with a fully unexpected contrast ~ a “down home” Southern family welcoming I could never have imagined as I found myself standing for two solid hours in the driveway of a soon-to-be BFF while our children played!  This moment in time simply could not have been orchestrated…I still get a thrill when I remember.


It was right then our family made the decision to make this our new home. The vote was, as I’m sure you’ve inferred, a unanimous YES. There are things that render us all without words at one time or another, and in stark contrast to the actual word itself, “speechless” doesn’t mean you have nothing to say, it means you have everything to say.


Waterview is a beautiful gated North West Little Rock neighborhood literally breaking the mold of ordinary for many families like ours. Visit their webpage at There are lots of surprises coming soon, so check back often for real estate updates, Waterview sponsored outreach, progress on Waterview’s very own Southern Living Home, community events and more.

Showcase Home: Southern Living at it's Best!

1/6/2015 10:42:03 PM | In the News
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